Adam Hunter Caldwell

Adam Hunter Caldwell was born in Framingham Massachusetts. He received a BFA with honors from the California College of Arts and Crafts in 1998 and has been a full-time fine arts instructor there since 2001. His paintings mix elements of abstract expressionism and classical figuration. Caldwell starts with an abstract background

Adia Millett

Adia Millett takes things apart, removes, replaces, cuts, pastes, sews, and builds in order to discover the space where transitions occur and where stories of impermance are told. Through the placement of solitary objects, she inserts her own inflection into a language of craft, empowered by symbolism and technique. Originally from Los

Adrianna Bamber

Adrianna Bamber is an artist, illustrator, toy designer, and former puppeteer who draws kooky characters.

Alec Huxley

Alec Huxley is a painter based in San Francisco. His work, primarily representational, is filled with contrast. Simultaneously stark and colorful, it focuses on landscapes of the American West Coast. Cinematic scenes serve as imperfect records of place, time and architecture for space travellers and wild animals. A self taught artist, his

Aleksandra Zee

Aleksandra Zee is a San Francisco-based artist who illuminates her many disciplines - installation, display design, sculpture, and construction. She is inspired by the juxtaposition of natural elements and man-made materials working together to tell a story.

Alice Koswara

Alice Koswara is a graphic designer and contemporary artist who paints delicate ladies, animals, and plant life.

Alice Wiese

Alice Wiese is an emerging textile artists based in Berkeley. She draws inspiration from patterns found in architecture as well as themes of grief, loss, change, and the process of rebuilding oneself. Her highly repetitive and detailed work is simultaneously chaotic and calming. Wiese received her BFA in textiles from the California

Aline Setton

Aline Setton is a painter who was born and raised in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her abstract work is a result of an intuitive process and use of multiple expressive techniques. She seeks inspiration in the harmony between living unconscious process and intentional human interference.


Amandalynn is a Bay Area-based muralist, fine artist, conservator, and art director. Inspired by the female form and spirit, she depicts strong, seductive women and illustrates their strength through line work and decorative patterning. Her work can be found in galleries and streets all over the world. She began developing her distinct

Andy Diaz Hope

Andy Diaz Hope earned his BS and MS from Stanford University’s Joint Program in Design—a collaborative program between the engineering and art departments. Diaz Hope’s work began to find its voice while working as an engineer and designer for companies such as Apple and Microsoft. Realizing the notion of progress had lost its luster for

Andy Stattmiller

Andy Stattmiller is an illustrator and painter living in San Francisco. He grew up in Columbus, Ohio and has a degree in illustration from the Columbus College of Art and Design. Inspirations include cartoons, pop culture, food, life, and the city of San Francisco.

Anthony Holdsworth

Anthony Holdsworth was born in England and embarked on a painting career while working as Head of Outdoor Restoration for the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. He continued his studies at the Bournemouth College of Art in England, and then the San Francisco Art Institute. Originally a landscape artist influenced by the Bay Area


Apexer AKA Ricardo Richey is a San Francisco-born and -bred artist who creates colorful abstract patterns with spray paint for a style that is both typographic and architectural. Having begun his career as a kid tagging MUNI buses, Apexer moved to the wall, then the canvas, in careful exploration of abstract letter forms. His pieces are crafted

Ariel Gold

Ariel Gold's work revolves around color and how we associate, interact and interpret it. Her art is about relationships between people and their environment, whether it is a physical place or a feeling created by an experience in that space. Raised in Metro Detroit by an editorial cartoonist and a writer, Ariel Gold was exposed to many mediums and captivated by colors and textures from an early age. She passed away in 2020 at the age of 35.