. untitled five (2011)

Apexer AKA Ricardo Richey is a San Francisco-born and -bred artist who creates colorful abstract patterns with spray paint for a style that is both typographic and architectural. Having begun his career as a kid tagging MUNI buses, Apexer moved to the wall, then the canvas, in careful exploration of abstract letter forms. His pieces are crafted with multiple layers, patterns, and colors that evoke the sense of urban building. Part of the Gestalt Collective, Apexer has curated and created mural projects throughout the city. His fine art has been exhibited at Pacific Asia Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, White Walls, the Luggage Store Gallery, and abroad. He completed an artist residency at the Headland Center for the Arts and has been featured in numerous documentaries and publications about art in the Mission District.

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