Sleight Of Hand

Sleight Of Hand

November 4 - December 3, 2023

Sleight Of Hand investigates perceptions of reality via surrealism and trompe-l'oeil painting by three artists who use a combination of craft and imagination to create visual tricks on the viewer's mind. They juxtapose seemingly ordinary things with elements of the extraordinary, harkening thought about what is real, imagined, and induced. Reza Alhosseini critiques media as fabricating reality, while J.L. King and Monty Guy use the medium of painting to create alternative reality.

Monty Guy

Monty Guy is a painter and illustrator whose earliest memories are drawing in the entryway of his parents' home in Southern California. A true artist, he is constantly compelled to create and hone his craft, seeing beauty and inspiration in everything around him. He appreciates timelessness in his subject matter as well as in his often-used black and white color palette.

J. L. King

J.L. King portrays anonymous figures and everyday objects in curiously extraordinary perspectives. Her paintings reveal vivid scenes through layers, windows, and portals into domains that inspire wonderment and nostalgia. She is heavily inspired by urban nature, her biracial heritage, and the pleasures and experiences of youth. King is a San Francisco native and practices art from her studio in the SOMA district.

Reza Alhosseini

Reza Alhosseini is a San Francisco-based artist who was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Painting is his perennial exploration of everyday life. He begins with a concept and a mood, then aims for dynamic composition through a series of studies as he builds up to a final piece that is a harmonious balance between vision and technique.


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