Lady Mags

Lady Mags began her art career as a graffiti writer in 2006, when she started painting tracksides in Chicago while pursuing a degree in education. She has travelled throughout the world,

Lee Harvey Roswell

Lee Harvey Roswell is a self-taught artist from Freefall, New York, whose work is noted for its blend of angst and humor. Themes of death and entropy, tribulation and futility run amok

Lela Shields

Lela Shields, who was born and raised in London, attended several fine art institutions before graduating from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1996. She crafts subtle

Leon Loucheur

Leon Loucheur is a San Francisco-based artist who specializes in acrylic painting. His compositions are visual allegories of the relationships between the natural and human-made worlds,

Lori Nelson

Lori Nelson is a Utahn who has lived in New York for a decade. She is influenced by the spirit of self-sufficiency and the homemaking of her Mormon upbringing. She believes that refuse is relic, and that the human story is written in garbage.

Lucien Shapiro

Lucien Shapiro creates art that dances between life and death. His work is rife with found objects, textures, cast forms, manipulations, raw substances, oddities and multiple