J. L. King

J.L. King portrays anonymous figures and everyday objects in curiously extraordinary perspectives. Her paintings reveal vivid scenes through layers, windows, and portals into domains that inspire wonderment and nostalgia. She is heavily inspired by urban nature, her biracial heritage, and the pleasures and experiences of youth. King is a San Francisco native and practices art from her studio in the SOMA district.

JS Weis

JS Weis is fascinated by nature, natural history, and human beings’ relationship with it. His work combines realistic rendering of flora and fauna with organic yet meticulous colorscapes built up from ink and cut paper. Currently based in Oakland CA, he holds a BFA in printmaking from James Madison University.

Jaclyn Rose

Jaclyn Rose is a self taught textile artist, using a basic sewing machine and recycled household linens to create her fine line illustrations using a technique called free-motion. Her ongoing commentaries and criticisms about herself and modern society are presented with a sense of humor and delicateness, underlined by eroticism and female

Jamie Pavlich Walker

Jamie Pavlich Walker is a collage artist living and working in Sonoma County. Coming from a background in drawing and painting, experimentation with new mediums, styles, and techniques led to the discovery of torn paper collage, and her unique creation of paintings using found paper from recycled magazines, maps, labels, and newspapers.

Jeff Hantman

Jeff Hantman is a mixed media artist with a studio/woodshop full of weathered objects and plywood scraps with old dry cracking paint. He received a BFA in printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design and has since evolved his techniques through artist residencies and fellowships.

Jenn Porreca

Jenn Porreca is a modern contemporary artist with studios in Los Angeles and London. Claiming marked influences from surrealist art and film, vintage fabric patterns, comics, religious iconography, and silhouette animation, she paints a delicate world of intricately layered styling. A creative alchemist of sorts, she spends days in the

Jessica Eastburn

Jessica Eastburn received her BA in Liberal Studies from Portland State University and her MFA in Pictorial Art from San Jose State University. She is currently a Lecturer at Santa Clara University.

Jet Martinez

Jet Martinez reinterprets Mexican folk art into a distinctive urban contemporary style that is manifested in both large-scale murals and fine art. Flat and graphic in manner, his use and application of color create vibrant, static imagery that celebrates life at its most ecstatic. Originally from Veracruz, Mexico, he is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute and currently lives and works in Oakland CA.

John Breiner

John Breiner is a New York native with a love for the ephemeral surface of the state. Rooted deeply in both nature and the city's environment, he chooses found surfaces for his artwork, such as discarded paper and books, as they provide him with a starting point of inspiration. By employing a variety of techniques including illustration

John Casey

John Casey started inventing creatures as soon as he could hold a crayon. Figures from his early works demonstrate a fascination with skulls, teeth, spirographic eyes, and invented body parts—an interest reflected in his current painting and sculpture practice. Casey lives in Oakland with his wife, artist Mary Kalin-Casey.

John Vochatzer

John Vochatzer is a collage artist, street artist, illustrator, painter, designer, graphic artist, tattooer, blogger, investigator, journalist, historian, art collector, curator, gallerist, and community organizer living and working in the San Francisco Tenderloin.

Johnny Siu

Johnny Siu is an illustrator and aesthete who specializes in darkly darling drawings on perfectly-packaged paper or subtly-stained surfaces.

Jose Arenas

New York-based artist Jose Arenas creates works that explore dual identities, personal ritual, migration, and the displaced feeling that occurs from growing up in both California and Guadalajara. He combines decorative patterns, culturally-assigned symbols, and familiar abstract forms to create an emotionally resonant narrative that

Joshua Coffy

Joshua Coffy draws inspiration from the natural world, scientific illustrations, his love of animals, and how humans relate to them. His work includes multiple layers of texture including paper patterns, maps, newspaper articles, and acrylic paint. He passed away in 2023 at the age of 47.

Joshua Lawyer

Joshua Lawyer is a self-taught artist with a background in painting on walls that didn’t belong to him yet offered him a place to escape to when his world was too chaotic. Determined to become a good artist, he realized he needed to hone his skills in sketchbooks, a habit he still practices daily. Lawyer shifted from graffiti to fine art

Joshua Mays

Joshua Mays is an Oakland-based painter, muralist and illustrator. Born in Denver CO, he studied illustration at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and graphic design at Community College of Denver before moving to Philadelphia, where he lived and worked for eight years before exhibiting and traveling nationwide. He has created

Jud Bergeron

Jud Bergeron was born in 1972 on a Navajo reservation in Winslow, AZ and raised in Guilford, Connecticut. A seventh generation artist, he became the first sculptor in his family, studying at Lyme Academy in Connecticut under a student of French sculptor Antoine Bourdelle, who was a student of Rodin. Thereafter he worked at foundries

Julia Lucey

Julia Lucey earned a BFA in printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute. She has focused on traditional etching techniques and aquatint to create images dealing with the evolving issues of wildlife, its dissolution and the attempt by many to direct its path. Lucey is based in Fairfax, CA and has exhibited her work throughout the United States.

Julie West

Julie West is a painter and illustrator whose work is heavily influenced by people and their environments.

Justin Lovato

Justin Lovato is a California-based artist whose abstract, op-art landscapes reflect his perception of beauty in nature. Working under the influence of the purest art forms found in nature, and the realization that micro and macro exist simultaneously, he strives towards a theory of chromatic vibration. Contrasting multi-dimensional