Ben Needham

Born in Asia. Raised in New York City. Lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Beryl Landau

Beryl Landau is a San Francisco-based artist who describes her work as “symbolic landscape”. Her acrylic paintings depict geographical locations rendered in a manner that evokes feelings

Bill Zindel

Bill Zindel is an independent artist, illustrator, and designer who creates collages that are structured yet unrestrained, employing bold colors and patterns with geometric leanings and

Blaine Fontana

Blaine Fontana is a Portland-based artist who imbues his vision with the divine symbolism of religious myth, worldly folklore, and current social dynamics.

Brett Amory

Brett Amory was born in Portsmouth, Virginia and moved to San Francisco in 1996 to study at the Academy of Art University. While there, he began his "Waiting" series, paintings about the anticipation of the next moment for which he is well-known today.

Brett Crawford

Brett Crawford is a painter, metal sculptor, street artist, printmaker and illustrator based in Southern California. His work features a wide variety of subject matter including surreal animals, typography, and pop cultural references.

Brian Barneclo

Brian Barneclo was born and raised in Indianapolis, then studied painting and art history at Indiana University. He moved to San Francisco in 1996 and began working as a commercial artist

Bunnie Reiss

Bunnie Reiss is a muralist and fine artist whose work is heavily influenced by her Easter European background, with its tradition of folk art, saturated colors, animals, nature, and