René Yañez

René Yañez is a Mexican-born painter, assemblage artist, performer, curator, and community activist. Having moved to the Bay Area in 1966, he help to found the Mission Cultural Arts Center and

Reuben Rude

Reuben Rude is the child of hippies who met in San Francisco during the Summer of Love. He grew up in the woods of Northern California and came back to San Francisco to study at the Academy

Rich Fonseca

Rich Fonseca is a self-taught painter and illustrator who uses geometry and color to convey how memories change, distort, and fracture with the passage of time. The placement of color

Ricky Watts

Ricky Watts is a Sebastopol-based illustrator, painter, and muralist whose love for art was prevalent at an early age, from coloring in his mother’s bubble letters, to creating comic strips

Rob Reger

Rob Reger is the creator of "Emily the Strange", an illustrated character featured in several comic books, graphic novels and in various merchandise and clothing lines.

Robert Bowen

Robert Bowen is a San Francisco-based visual artist fascinated with the conflict of man versus nature, rendered via his animal and machinery hybrids. Bowen got his start through graffiti and

Robert Moya

Robert Moya is an interdisciplinary artist and educator whose practice consists of making sculptural abstract paintings. His love of travel has inspired and informed his work. He holds a BA from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque and an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.


Romanowski is a Swiss-born, self-taught artist, musician, and DJ who has made San Francisco his home since 1988. His keen sense of style and extraordinary talent for vintage shopping has made

Ryan Bubnis

Ryan Bubnis has clean yet chaotic paintings, installations, and design work that have been described as "urban folk." Working intuitively, he incorporates a range of mediums and draws