Summer Series

Summer Series

August 26 - September 4, 2017

Started in June 2017, Stattmiller created the Summer Series as a break from his usual art-making process. Coming from an illustration background, his paintings had always been planned out in sketchbooks and then painted with precision. With this show he loosens up his process and experiments with different materials, compositions, and colors.

Each of the works is done freestyle aside from the parameters of scale and time – they are all 8 x 8 inches and completed in one day. Painting materials included tube acrylic, latex, fluorescent, markers, metallic ink, and enamel. Stattmiller began each one by laying down a random color and medium, and then let each piece evolve on its own.

Andy Stattmiller

Andy Stattmiller is an illustrator and painter living in San Francisco. He grew up in Columbus, Ohio and has a degree in illustration from the Columbus College of Art and Design. Inspirations include cartoons, pop culture, food, life, and the city of San Francisco.