Sound + Vision

Sound + Vision

February 12 - February 29, 2016

Sound + Vision is a pop-up photography exhibition by house music legends Mark Farina and Sunshine Jones. It features prints of the two artists’ imagery, captured during their many years of living in San Francisco and travelling the world for musical gigs. Sunshine Jones will also be giving a live analog performance and Mark Farina will provide a soundtrack.

Mark Farina

Mark Farina is a modern day minstrel and one of the most ubiquitous DJs in dance music, best known for his blend of house, jazz, and downtempo, called “Mushroom Jazz”. He began his DJ career at the age of 16 in Chicago, and soon joined forces with Derrick Carter to create an underground house music scene that has influenced parties and clubs throughout the world. Farina relocated to San Francisco in 1992 and has been based here since, evolving into a producer and international DJ.

Sunshine Jones

Sunshine Jones, a San Francisco native, has been producing electronic music since 1985. One half of Dubtribe Sound System, their brand of house music toured worldwide throughout the 1990s, epitomizing a west coast sound for a generation of underground music lovers. He continues to produce music in solo projects, tour internationally as a DJ, and perform a few times a year with Dubtribe.