Fillmore Poster Art

Fillmore Poster Art

August 12 - September 4, 2017

Fillmore Poster Art is a curated collection of show souvenirs created by San Francisco artist, Reuben Rude.

Continuing the tradition begun by Bill Graham in 1966, The Fillmore has constantly created and distributed to concert attendees a complimentary 12 x 19 poster of each show presented at their live music venue. For nearly a decade, Rude has been one of just a few artists that designs these posters.

This pop-up exhibition will showcase about 35 show posters that Rude has created throughout his career.

Reuben Rude

Reuben Rude is the child of hippies who met in San Francisco during the Summer of Love. He grew up in the woods of Northern California and came back to San Francisco to study at the Academy of Art. He utilizes his expertise in drawing, painting, and illustration in both the creative and commercial realms, having shown in galleries, comic books, and magazines throughout the world. When he is not making art, he is working on his 100-year-old house.