Eddie Colla

Mixed Messages (From Russia With Love) (2022)

Eddie Colla attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and graduated from the California College of Arts with a BFA in photography/interdisciplinary fine arts. He began his artistic career as a photographer, working first for the New York Times and then countless magazines, record labels and ad agencies. Fifteen years later he morphed into someone who counters the all-pervasive nature of commercialism in public spaces. Since 2005, his wheat-pastes and stencils can be found in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, Thailand, and Mexico. Of his work, Eddie states, “Some people view what I do as vandalism. I assume that their objection is that I alter the landscape without permission. Advertising perpetually alters our environment without the permission of its inhabitants. The only difference is that advertisers pay for the privilege to do so and I don’t. So if you’re going to call me anything, it is more accurate to call me a thief.” Eddie remains at large somewhere on Earth.

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Rise, Sunflowers

Rise, Sunflowers

July 2022

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