Starting Bid: $550
Time left: 1d 2h | Sun, 8:00PM PDT

Harder Than You Think is the title of a Public Enemy song. All of my pieces are titled from music I listen to while painting. When I create, there’s no telling how long a piece will take. There’s a formula regarding negative space, ratios, amount of color and number of shapes but even I don’t really know what it is. I just go until it feels complete.

Starting Bid: $550

Lady Henze

Harder Than You Think

Spray paint, ink, and acrylic on paper

18 x 12 in. framed



Lady Henze is a San Francisco artist whose only art requirement is: color. She works in two distinct styles — abstract and geometric — as these processes allow her to be the dichotomous person she is. Henze is inspired by street artists, neon signs, tile work, pop culture, movies, music, the candy aisle, and the bizarre reality show that is life. Behind her work is a personal struggle with addiction. She paints because she got a second chance at life, because it is the thing that brings her most joy, and so that others know there is hope.

Artwork by Lady Henze


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