Christian Rothenhagen, St. Monci and Chris Stokes

Christian Rothenhagen, St. Monci and Chris Stokes

October 14, 2017 - November 13, 2017

Please join us for the Opening Reception on Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 6 to 9PM.

Christian Rothenhagen

Christian Rothenhagen is a Berlin-born, -raised, and -based artist and designer who travels frequently to San Francisco and Toronto, and creates cityscapes of all three cities. His work mixes seemingly vernacular backgrounds and textures with perfectly executed line work. In addition to capturing his favorite urban areas at particular moments in time, he is also producing a social commentary that documents the evolution of these places.

St. Monci

St. Monci meanders through the purely gestural and technical applications of abstraction, utilizing his training in street and studio art. He explores the most fundamental elements of art and design, in color and form, and how these elements relate to each other and the viewer. Dynamic matrices of architectural and graphic elements create a visceral reaction to otherwise static elements of flat shapes. St.Monci was born in the United States and raised in Puerto Rico. He returned to earn his BFA and MA at New York State University Oswego and is now based in Rochester NY.

Chris Stokes

Chris Stokes uses mixed media to interlace and layer unassuming combinations of color, lines and found materials. Literature, cultural symbols, and architecture intermingle into art that subtly hints at much more. He attempts to express his continuous-growing curiosity and perspective of the world. He lives and works in San Francisco.

Christian Rothenhagen, St. Monci and Chris Stokes

"Paradise Syndrome" by St. Monci

Christian Rothenhagen, St. Monci and Chris Stokes

"Into The Valley Of The Dark Howling Winds" by Chris Stokes