Micah LeBrun is a self-taught San Francisco artist who considers his understanding of art to be derived from what he visually identifies in everyday life. His influences range from the line-oriented work of Picasso, the bold graphic nature of Warhol, and the dominant colorful brushstrokes of Peter Max to modern-day movements such as car culture and graffiti. A self-prescribed wanderer in regards to creative process, he believes that each idea should be executed in the medium and style that best relays its intention.

Video featuring Micah LeBrun

Preview: "War Paint"

Video by Luna Rienne Gallery

Micah LeBrun describes his April 2017 solo exhibiion, "War Paint".

Current Show

War Paint

War Paint

April 29, 2017 - May 29, 2017

A solo exhibition by artist Micah LeBrun.